Public Space Grant

Need beverage container recycling bins for your local park, school, office or special event? The Coca-Cola/KAB Recycling Bin Grant Program supports local community recycling initiatives by providing selected grant recipients with receptacles for the collection of beverage container recyclables in public settings. Grant recipients will receive actual recycling bins instead of funding.

Who can apply?
For the Public Space bin grant program, the grant program is open to non-profit organizations, government agencies, schools and religious organizations. For profit businesses are not eligible to directly receive grants. They may however partner with otherwise eligible organizations on proposals submitted in the eligible organization’s name.

How does it work?
The program offers recycling bins designed for use in various settings – special events, general utility and prestige locations. The purchasing power of KAB and Coca-Cola gives us the ability to provide more recycling bins than would be possible if each grantee used monetary grants to purchase their own bins. The bins become the property of the organization.  No direct funding is provided. Apply on-line and describe your program needs, request your preferred bin type, and tell us how many you would like to receive. After grant recipients are selected, KAB will contact grantees to offer guidance and confirm their bin needs and selection. Suppliers will deliver bins directly to the recipients.

What are the responsibilities of recipient organizations?
Recipients are responsible for implementing all collection and processing arrangements. They are expected to track and submit weights for the quantity of recyclables collected in two reports, the first due six months after receiving the grant followed by a second, approximately one year after receiving the bins. Recipients are additionally expected to recognize their grant award through local media communications in coordination with grant administrators.

What types of bins are available through the grant?
A complete list of available bins can viewed here.

How are proposals evaluated?
The intent of this grant program is to assist local communities in increasing the number of beverage containers recovered for recycling. While not every request can be fulfilled, the program looks to award bins to those applicants who can demonstrate the greatest potential to impact beverage container recovery.

Concise proposals that clearly identify the need and outline a well thought out plan will be most successful. Where proposals are otherwise equal, preference will be given to institutions that have not previously received a grant through the Coca-Cola Bin Grant program. Though not a requirement, preference will also be given to new or expanded collection efforts versus replacement of existing bins. The grant specifically targets beverage container recycling and is not intended to provide bins for exclusively collecting paper or other materials. Some of the available recycling bins feature optional lids and messaging to accommodate mixed material or “single stream” recycling.