Collegiate Grant

The Coca-Cola/KAB Recycling Bin Grant program includes a dedicated opportunity for both 2 year community colleges and 4 year colleges and universities through a similar process to the Public Space grants. Campuses will submit a proposal using a separate online application, requesting a specific style of bin and describing how they would be used.

The collegiate grant program is a partnership between Coca-Cola, KAB and the College and University Recycling Coalition (CURC), a non-profit organization providing technical resources and networking opportunities to campus-based recycling and sustainability managers.

2 Year Community Colleges
Local community colleges face unique challenges to building recycling programs, often times with fewer operational resources than larger four year schools. We’re pleased this year to offer dedicated grants for community colleges in addition those awarded to larger colleges and universities.

4 Year Colleges and Universities
Colleges and universities are small cities that generate large numbers of cans and bottles and offer an opportunity to encourage recycling at a time when many students are developing lifelong habits. By targeting colleges, the grant’s purpose is to help campuses overcome obstacles to implement or expand recycling programs that address long term recycling participation.

How does it work?
All colleges will complete the same application and indicate what type of college they are.  Schools can choose one bin style from a menu of different styles designed for various campus settings. Schools are encouraged to request the full number of bins they need, but in most cases the grant awards will provide bins to target a specific area or group of buildings on campus. Applicants will be notified whether a grant has been awarded. Arrangements will be made to ship the awarded bins directly to the recipient campuses in early summer at no cost to the college. The grant program awards recycling bins which become the property of the institution. No direct funding is provided.

What are the responsibilities of the colleges and universities that receive a grant?
Recipient campuses are responsible for implementing all collection and processing arrangements. Grant recipients are expected to track and submit weights for the quantity of recyclables collected in two reports, the first due six months after receiving the grant followed by a second, approximately one year after receiving the bins. Recipients are also expected to recognize their grant award through campus and local media communications in coordination with grant administrators.

What types of bins are available?
A complete list of available bins can be viewed here.

How are proposals evaluated?
Similar to the Public Space program, grants will primarily be awarded to those colleges and universities demonstrating the greatest potential to impact beverage container recovery. Concise proposals that clearly identify the need and outline a well thought out plan will be most successful. Where proposals are otherwise equal, preference will be given to institutions that have not previously received a grant through the Coca-Cola Bin Grant program. Preference will be given to applications with a clearly explained, thought out plan to track the quantity of recyclables collected from the granted bins. Finally,though not a requirement, preference will also be given to new or expanded collection efforts versus replacement of existing bins. The grant specifically targets beverage container recycling and is not intended to provide bins for exclusively collecting paper or other materials. Some of the available recycling bins feature optional lids and messaging to accommodate mixed material or “single stream” recycling.

Grants will be made exclusively to colleges and universities in the United States that are members of CURC. Campuses can register for a free membership with CURC online at Proposals will be considered from all eligible campuses regardless of contractual beverage pouring relationships. However, as a practical matter, grants will not be awarded where contractual arrangements or campus policies restrict the placement of Coca-Cola branded bins or public recognition of the grant.


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